Savannah's Historic
City Market

Jefferson and West Julian

Two blocks from River Street, Savannah's historic City Market dates back to 1755. A center of commerce and public market, it was here that fisherman and farmers brought their goods to sell.  

The first two markets were destroyed by fire in 1788 and 1820. A third was torn down shortly after the Civil War. The fourth market built in 1872, was an ornate brick structure with Romanesque arches and large circular windows.

Like River Street, the market and surrounding warehouses in this small area languished in disrepair after the death of “King Cotton,” and plans were made to tear down the market and replace it with a new parking garage. After years of heated debate, the old market was lost in 1954. In true Savannah fashion, the building was honored with an elaborate party on October 31, 1953. Citizens said their goodbyes during the grand Market Ball.

Today, City Market is thriving once again. Former decaying warehouses are filled with art studios and galleries, casual and upscale restaurants and specialty shops offering everything from antiques to collectibles, including many Savannah-made products. Live music often fills the nighttime air, with several of the clubs featuring some of the best jazz in the city.

Come and discover the “art and soul” of Savannah.

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