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"...I beg to present to you as a Christmas Gift, the City of Savannah with 150 heavy guns and plenty of ammunition and also about 25,000 bails of cotton..."

So read Union General William T. Sherman's telegram to President Lincoln written from on Dec. 22, 1864 from the home we now know as the Green-Meldrim House.

In May 1864, General William T. Sherman began his famous March to the Sea bringing the war to Savannah’s very doorstep. Following the tracks of the railroad running from Chattanooga to Atlanta to Macon and Savannah, Sherman and his 62,000 soldiers left a wake of destruction, 30 miles wide and 300 miles long. By December, the Union army reached the outskirts of Savannah.

On Dec. 21, 1864 Federal troops marched unopposed into the City of Savannah. A prison camp was set up on Bay Street and temporary quarters were erected in the squares. Charles Green, a wealthy English cotton merchant, hoping to buy Sherman’s good will and keep his inventory of cotton safe from confiscation, offered his mansion on Madison Square for military headquarters. It was here that Sherman penned his famous message to President Lincoln. Sherman occupied Green’s home until February 1, 1865. Sherman ordered all the cotton seized, but Savannah was spared from the devastation that Sherman’s troops had visited on Atlanta and from the fate that awaited Columbia, South Carolina a short time later.

Several well-known Confederate Generals lived in Savannah before the war including William Hardee, Francis Bartow, A. P. Lawton, G. Moxley Sorrel, Henry Jackson, and Hugh Mercer. Confederate Army Commander General Joseph E. Johnston moved to Savannah after the war and lived here for a number of years before returning to Virginia.

You’ll see the homes of many of these prominent men on your Civil War Tour, along with Sherman’s Headquarters and other Civil War sites. You’ll learn how Savannahians suffered through the Union blockade and endured the hardships of war.


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