Georgia Historical Society

501 Whitaker Street
Southwest corner of Gaston and Whitaker Streets


The Georgia Historical Society is a private, non-profit organization that has worked tirelessly to collect, preserve and share Georgia history through a variety of programs and research services. Chartered by the Georgia General Assembly in 1839, the Society is the oldest cultural institution in the state and one of the oldest historical organizations in the nation.

Designed by architect Detlef Lienau, this Gothic style building, which houses the Georgia Historical Society, dates to 1876. The building was named W. G. Hodgson Hall, for the husband of Margaret Telfair. He came to Savannah after serving in a diplomatic post in Tunisia. It overlooks Forsyth Park which was Hodgson's inspiration for the city in 1851. The historical society is home to a priceless collection of historical documents and relics, and is the source of most of the historical research done in Savannah.

For more information:
Office: (912) 651-2125
Library: (912) 651-2128
Library and Archives E-mail:
Georgia Historical Society

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