Savannah's Historic Churches

Independent Presbyterian Church
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Savannah's historic churches are some of the most historically and architecturally significant churches in the country. From the magnificent Gothic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist to the Independent Presbyterian Church with it’s Corinthian columns and tall steeple, to the First Bryan Baptist Church, the oldest continuous African-American church in the United States, no visit to Savannah is complete without a tour of these wonderful buildings.

These churches are so fascinating that we’ve devoted an entire page to each church. Each page contains a brief history and many include photographs.

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

Christ Church

First African Baptist Church

First Bryan Baptist Church

Independent Presbyterian Church

Lutheran Church of the Ascension

Masonic Temple

Saint John's Episcopal Church

Saint Philip AME Church

Second African Baptist Church

Temple Mickve Israel

Trinity Methodist Church

Unitarian Universalist Church

Wesley Monumental Church

Most of the historic churches are accessible by shuttle.
For more information on getting around town, click here!

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