James Oglethorpe Monument

Oglethorpe Monument
Chippewa Square

The 9-foot bronze James Oglethorpe monument, dedicated in 1910, pays tribute to the founder of the Georgia Colony. Designed and created by one of American’s foremost sculptors, Daniel Chester French, Oglethorpe presides over Chippewa Square, facing south so that he can “keep a watchful eye on the Spanish.”

French also designed the statue of Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

Oglethorpe is depicted in the full dress of a British General with sword in hand. A palmetto frond lies at his feet. The base and pedestal are the work of New York architect Henry Bacon who also worked with French on the Lincoln Memorial. 

The four lions at the corners of the base hold shields representing the coat of arms of Oglethorpe and the great seals of the Colony of Georgia, and the City of Savannah. A portion of the original charter granted by Parliament in 1732 is carved into the pedestal.

From the Oglethorpe Monument historical Marker:

Erected by the State of Georgia, the City of Savannah, and the patriotic societies of the state to the memory of the great soldier, eminent statesman, famous philanthropist, General James Oglethorpe, who in this city on the 12th day of February AD 1733 founded and established this colony of Georgia.

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