Historic Liberty Square

Laid out along Montgomery Street, what remains of Liberty Square sits right across the street from the Chatham County Courthouse and Jail (1978). Laid out in 1799, this square honors the “Sons of Liberty,” an American Revolutionary organization that had strong ties in Savannah. Shortly before the Revolution, the Savannah Sons of Liberty shipped ammunition stores they had acquired from raids on the British to Boston. After the war, when Savannah citizens were unable to support themselves by shipping Southern cotton, the generous people of Boston returned the favor, and shipped food and supplies to save the people of Savannah.

In the 1930s, US 17 was built through the middle of this square and Elbert Square. As a result, each square was reduced to a small strip of land.

The only monument in Liberty Square is the American Legion Flame of Freedom moved from Elbert Square to this square in 1985.

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