Monuments and Memorials

Savannah’s streets, squares and parks are filled with monuments and memorials to those who have played key roles in shaping her history. Savannah has always honored her past and her heroes.

There are too many monuments and memorials to cover on one page, so we've devoted a brief page to several of the most interesting. Others have been grouped together by location. Click on the appropriate links for more information about the individual monuments and memorials. Many of the pages include photographs.

War Memorials

Civil War Monument
Spanish American War Memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Historic Square Monuments & Memorials

William Washington Gordon
Nathanael Greene
William Jasper
James Edward Oglethorpe
Casimir Pulaski
John Wesley

Emmit Park Monuments & Memorials

Celtic Cross
Memorial to the Chatham Artillery
Harbor Light
Salzburger Monument of Reconciliation

River Street Monuments & Memorials

African-American Monument
Florence Martus, the Waving Girl
1996 Olympic Yachting Cauldron

Bay Street Monuments & Memorials

City Exchange Bell
Oglethorpe Bench
Washington Guns

Oglethorpe Avenue Monuments & Memorials

Jewish Burial Marker
Scottish Highlanders Monument

Most of the monuments and memorials
are near tour bus and shuttle stops.
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Waving GirlWaving Girl
River Street
Jasper MonumentJasper Monument
Madison Square
African-American Monument, SavannahAfrican-American Monument
River Street