Oglethorpe Avenue Monuments

The Oglethorpe Avenue monuments sit on opposite sides of the median at Bull Street. One commemorates the first Jewish burial ground in Savannah, and the other pays tribute to the Scottish Highlanders.

Jewish Burial Marker

Jewish Burial Marker

Original 1733 burial plot allotted by
James Edward Oglethorpe
To the Savannah Jewish Community
Erected by Trustees of the Mordecai Sheftall Cemetery Trust

An Elberton Blue Granite memorial on the median of Oglethorpe Avenue at Bull Street commemorates the first Jewish burial ground in Savannah. A bronze table lists those known to be buried there. The maker was erected by the Trustees of the Mordecai Sheftall cemetery for the 250th anniversary of Georgia in 1983. 


Scottish Highlanders Marker

In 1987 the Savannah Chapter of the St. Andrews Society erected a memorial to honor their Scottish forebears. Placed in the median of Oglethorpe Avenue, the 8’ 10” obelisk of Elberton Blue granite sits on a 14” square base. The monument is decorated with iron emblems taken from the St. Andrews Cemetery Lot in Laurel Grove Cemetery.

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