Historic Pirates House

45 South Restaurant

20 East Broad Street
Washington Square

The Pirates House is a wonderfully preserved seaman's tavern allegedly built in 1794. Located only a block from the Savannah River, the tavern was a popular meeting place for sailors and pirates alike. Stories are told that sea captains frequently shanghaied unwitting seaman from the tavern to complete their crews. Drunken seaman were drugged and carried away to strange ships, bound for unknown destinations.

The tavern was made famous in Robert Louis Stevenson's “Treasure Island." According to the book, Captain Flint died in an upstairs room, shouting with his last breath, "Darby, bring aft the rum." Stevenson's fictional character, Long John Silver, said, "I was with Flint when he died at Savannah."

The Pirates House is a popular destination for visitors seeking a sighting of one of Savannah's legendary ghosts. They say that Captain Flint still haunts the Pirates' House on moonless nights.

The house was purchased by the Savannah Gas Company in 1948 and lovingly restored. Cited as a house museum by the American Museum Society, it is now home to the 45 South Restaurant, known for its fine food served in its 15 charming dining rooms. Visitors are invited to explore its peg-beamed rooms, nautical displays and curio collections.

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Pirates House

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