Historic Saint Johns
Episcopal Church

1 West Macon Street
Madison Square

Saint Johns Episcopal Church is known for its melodious chimes and magnificent stained glass widows depicting various scenes from the New Testament. The church was designed by Calvin Otis in the neo-Gothic style and built in 1852-1853. Otis traveled from Buffalo, New York, to work on the church, which has the simple look of a British parish house. Interestingly, a ship's mast is located in the center of its only spire.

Bishop Stephen Elliott preached against secession to no avail, and in late 1864, Union chaplains stood behind the pulpit. Captain George Pepper of the 80th Ohio Infantry reportedly preached a sermon to Sherman and his staff during the occupation.

In 1942, St. Johns Episcopal Church acquired Sherman's old headquarters, the Green-Meldrim House and had it magnificently restored as their parish house.

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Saint Johns Episcopal Church

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