William Washington Gordon Monument

Erected in 1883, the William Washington Gordon monument, designed by architects Henry Van Brunt and Frank M. Howe, honors the founder and president of Georgia’s first railroad, the Central Railroad and Banking Co. Gordon is also known as the grandfather of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts in America.

William Washington Gordon Monument

Wright Square

The grave of Tomo-Chi-Chi, the Yamacraw Indian Chief and friend to Oglethorpe, was originally located in the center of Wright Square under a pyramid of stone. However, at some point it was decided that Tomo-Chi-Chi’s burial place was the best place for William Gordon’s monument. Tomo-Chi-Chi’s gravesite was bulldozed in the early 1880s and the monument to William Gordon erected in its place.

It is said that Gordon’s widow felt bad about the desecration of the Indian Chief’s grave, and worked with the Colonial Dames of the State of Georgia to obtain a granite boulder from the Stone Mountain Monument Company to memorialize the life and death of the man who was indispensable to the founding and success of the Georgia Colony. The Tomo-Chi-Chi Memorial, a massive granite boulder, stands in the southeast corner of Wright Square.

Georgia’s 94th county was named for William Washington Gordon. He is also remembered as the first West Point graduate from Georgia.

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